Ice el Hielo

ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  There were multiple brave writers of this song: Alex Bendana, Eva Marisol Hernandez, Hugo Alejandro Bendana, Sebastian Krys, Marisol Hernandez, Claudia Brant, Miguel Angel Ramirez, Jose Danny Carlos Gonzalez.  They sing the words many thousands of people in America are afraid to say. Ice el Hielo by La Santa… Continue reading Ice el Hielo

Mentira – Lie

Mentira by Manu Chao   It says liesIt gives liesIt makes liesIt gives liesThe lieLie, the liesLie, the truthIt cooks liesUnder the darknessMentira, mentira, la mentiraLie, the loveLie, the tasteLie, that it is the bossLie, commandMentira, mentira, la mentiraLie, the sadnessWhen it beginsLies that don’t goMentira, mentira, la mentiraLie that doesn’t eraseLie that doesn’t forgetLie,… Continue reading Mentira – Lie


Penelope Penelope was released in 1984 and written and sung by Joan Serrat, a famous musician from Spain.  Penelope was composed with Augusto Algueró.  The song was also sung by Argentinian singer and actor Diego Torres. Penelope With her brown leather handbag And her high-heeled shoes And her dress of Sunday Penelope She sits on a bench… Continue reading Penelope